10 Reasons Why you should invest in SEO tools? Ultimate Guide

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In SEO Tools Now
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While searching for a product or service, users like to choose from the top five to ten suggestions shown by the google search engine. There are several websites of identical niches. Therefore, the google search engine uses a complicated way to determine the content for top rankings. Google is updating and introducing more complex algorithms day by day. Google algorithm uses some keywords to rank a website. Therefore, SEO is the best way to rank for a specific keyword.

Before we discuss the 10 reasons why you should invest in SEO tools? An important thing to know: what SEO is? How does it work? Why is it essential for a business? Let me answer these questions, and then we will dive into why SEO tools should be used.

What is SEO?

10 Reasons: Why you should invest in SEO tools? Ultimate Guide

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple words, “SEO is a process to improve the visibility and appearance of a website in search engines. A strategy to rank higher on google when people search related to that website”. A higher position on search engines increases the business of a website.

Types of Search engine optimization

SEO can be categorized into two types:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Both on-page and off-page work perform the same task to make your website trustworthy and more friendly. 

On-page SEO

SEO happens on your site and focuses on your created content.

Off-page SEO

SEO happens off-site on your website and focuses on received content. 

Importance of SEO

To understand the importance of SEO, understand the difference between organic and inorganic search results.

Organic search results: Companies use SEO with organic search results to optimize their website ranking. Organic search results target unpaid rankings.

Paid search results: Some companies use SEM (search engine marketing) for ranking their websites. Paid search results target paid rankings.

Which is the best organic or paid search results?

Which is the best organic or paid search results?

Most people prefer SEO because it gives benefits without paying. When you use paid search results, you get SEO benefits. People use paid search results when they want quick results. Both the search results give a higher rank to a site. No matter what you choose to rank your site. Here you can choose what suits you better.

How does a Search engine work?  

The Google search engine works on a PR (page ranking) algorithm. There are three significant steps that the google search engine uses for ranking websites:  

  • Crawling  
  • Indexing   
  • Ranking

Crawling: A team of google bots or spiders (crawlers) scans and analyzes all the content on google to store and collect the best suitable content.  

Indexing: A process to find and store the best suitable content for the searched keyword.  

Ranking: Ranking is the search result when a user searches for it. Google ranks content according to the content visibility and quality of content. 

If you want your website to be visible and rank on Google, optimize your content SEO.

Is SEO important for all types of online businesses?  

The simple answer to this question is Yes. When you are in an industry where competition is high, it’s hard to beat competitors. In online businesses, everyone is struggling to rank 1st and beat the competitors. Therefore, SEO is crucial for every small or large, new or old online business. Using SEO, a company can build trust with the audience and control clicks, leads, and growth. 

10 Reasons why you should invest in Seo tools?  

  1. SEO increase organic traffic  
  2. SEO helps you to generate more sales   
  3. Audience trust   
  4. Business growth  
  5. SEO provides an engaged audience  
  6. SEO is Cost-effective and cheap than Ads  
  7. SEO is long-lasting  
  8. SEO helps a user to get exact information  
  9.  SEO helps a website to beat competitors  
  10. SEO is Quantifiable  

1. SEO increase organic traffic 

When a user faces a problem, he will just put his keyword in the google search bar and get the solution before asking anyone else. He does not need to go through all of Google’s information to get his answer. In this way, Google makes it easy to find the related solution to a problem in just a few seconds. Similarly, when users search for a product and click on a top-ranking website, it will get organic traffic. If the website is SEO optimized, it will generate more organic traffic.

2. SEO helps you to generate more sales  

Business growth depends on the sales of its products. When we talk about sales of online business, we must consider SEO. If a website uses the right keyword strategy, high-traffic keywords, and SEO-optimized content, it leads to more sales.

Hence, using an SEO tool like Semrush can help you find the most competitive keywords, which can help you get ranked in SERPs. Using Semrush, you can target your competitor’s keywords and use them in your article headings, which help in increasing the sales of the product.

3. Audience trust  

A strong SEO of your website content helps you get topical authority. Topical authority means targeting a specific niche, and users consider your words authentic. Not only users, but Google also trusts your website and gives your website a high ranking on that particular topic. Trust of your audience matters. If the audience trusts a website, it can get more sales.

Users and Google want quality content on websites. Your website will be recognized as a high authority if your content is quality and to the point. Using the content checker tool of Sermush, you can understand the strength of your content. Also, Semrush content templates will help you get the ideas from top ranking sites on Google.

How to get your audience’s trust?  

Think if you will start any project with someone and you both decided to meet somewhere. After determining the location, you both reach the site. After some time, you notice that the person is not a match to work with you, and you do not trust him. What would you do? You will not work with him. Some people like Coursera, Alison, Futurelearner, because these websites engage their audience to build trust. These websites follow some simple rules to engage their audience.

There are some simple rules to get your audience trust:  

  • Make your content informative and valuable.  
  • Make your content easier to read for persons of any age. Because many times your audience also includes kids.  
  • Make sure to answer your audience to the point. So, they can read your content without being bored.  
  • Write engaging content to keep your audience engaged with your content. 

This is how you can build a solid relationship with your audience and build their trust.

4. SEO help you to grow your business

Your business growth depends on engaging content, user experience, and other factors. But one of the most critical factors is your site’s ranking position. Your business will grow more if your website ranks in the top five to ten. Your SEO strategy will decide the ranking and the growth of your business.

5. SEO provides an engaged audience

Keeping your audience engaged is one of the essential steps for the growth of your website. If our content is not easy to read and not engaging, your website can easily rank zero. When readers can communicate and understand your content, your website will grow fasters and get more sales. But if you have all engaging, understandable content but don’t have SEO-optimized content, your website will never rank. Your content should be engaging as well as SEO optimized.

6. SEO is cost-effective and cheaper than Ads 

When you start an online business or just your website, you Invest in it. After that, when you think about growing your business by Ads, you find it costly. Often investment is also required for SEO, but it does not cost as much as ads. SEO tools would be the best option for good website marketing without paying high. 

Using a free trial of Semrush, you can use this SEO tool for 7 days without paying a single penny. Semrush helps you manage all your SEO projects on a single dashboard. You can find keywords with low CPC in your target locations.

7. SEO can be long-lasting 

Ads and SEO are both used to rank your website at the top, but they are different. 

Ads are a quick method to rank your website and increase your sales. But it is costly and not long-lasting. If someone wants an immediate and short-term process to rank its website, it can choose Ads. SEO is a bit slow. It would take some time to rank your website. Even Seo is a long-term strategy because sometimes you have to update it. SEO works according to the Google algorithm so, if Google updates, it’s the algorithm; you have to update your content. Your website can rank again after updating SEO according to the Google updates. 

8. SEO helps a user to get exact information 

Keywords are also a part of the SEO process to rank a website. They play a vital role in the SEO process. When a user wants some information, he will search any query to find Its answer on google. Users will search with some particular words known as keywords. The Google search engine will show an SEO-optimized website on the top. 

If the keywords used in the content are best suitable to the user, the user can get the Exact information he wants. In this way, your user does not need to read different articles for his required information.

Semrush keyword overview and keyword magic tool is one of the finest SEO tools that help in keyword findings. Check our latest complete guide on keyword magic tools by Semrush now!

9. SEO helps you to beat your competitors 

Many people are converting their business from traditional to digital. Digital companies are increasing quickly day by day. As digital companies are also growing fast, competition is also growing. We cannot beat that competition without SEO. SEO is also vital to beat our competitors.  

Investing in the Semrush competitor analysis tool can increase the chances to beat your competitor. Semrush competitor analysis tool allows you to keep an eye on their websites. Hence you can take steps accordingly. Check the latest guide of Semrush competitors analysis tool guide.

Knowledge about SEO 

If you have a firm grip on SEO, you can easily beat your competitors. Good knowledge of keyword research can help you to understand SEO properly. To understand SEO, a person must know the Google algorithm. 

10. SEO is quantifiable 

Even if SEO is not providing us with Easy calculated ROI as paid search does. But with some proper measurement and analyses, we can measure almost anything. 

We do not have a proper system to understand the correlation between all the actions, so we cannot collect all the dots on the back. 

It is worth understanding how some specific actions affect the growth and performance of the website.

Free vs. paid SEO tools

Free vs. paid SEO tools

When do we compare free tools or paid tools? Paid is more reliable because they offer some additional features. As they require cost, they give better and more beneficial SEO tools. Some free SEO tools can also work well for small, growing businesses. But there would be a time when these small businesses also require paid tools. Here we will discuss some free as well as paid SEO tools: 

There are some of the best free and paid SEO tools that you can use: 

  • SEMrush 
  • Google Analytics 
  • MozCast 
  • Redirect path 
  • Xenu 
  • Keyword surfer 
  • Link Explorer 
  • Backlink checker 
  • Answer the public 
  • SEOlyzer 
  • Screaming Frog File Analyzer 


SEMrush is one the most powerful tool that provides valuable data. If you have a website and finding the best-paid SEO tool for Keyword research, this is the tool you have been missing.


 SEMrush has the following features.

  •  While working on your article, it can help you in keyword research. You can add low competitive and valuable keywords in your writing.
  • You can find the keyword, referring domain, and backlink of top-ranking websites.
  • SEMrush is fast and advantageous.

SEMrush is a tool suite to improve the discovery marketing sights and online visibility. If you want marketers working in the following services: SEO, SMM, PPC, PR, keyword research, Marketing insights, Content Marketing, etc. must try this tool. You can enjoy its limited functions by using it for free.

Buy a paid plan to enjoy full features. There are three paid plans that you can buy: Pro, Guru, and business.

Which plan of SEMrush is best?

If you want to buy a paid plan and have a big budget choose a business plan.


  •  Pro-$119.95\ monthly, 
  • Guru-$229.95\monthly,
  •  Business-$449.95\monthly

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a free digital and most widely used analytical tool. The Google analytics tool analyzes and reports the data, like who visited your site and where he came to your site. Google Analytics helps you rank your website by blocking JavaScript code if made in JavaScript. Or, if you are not blocking this JavaScript, you need a tool like a plugin to save your site. It provides a search console; Including optimizes and also Data studio.

Ayima Redirect path 

Ayima Redirect path 

Ayima redirects checker is one of the best tools to solve your redirect issues. A free chrome extension that provides information about domain redirects. Redirect path checker allows you to know the problems with the help of 301,302,404 and 500 HTTP Status codes. The redirect path shows header information and direct routes for every URL you visit. It’s a nifty tool from the good folks and a good chrome extension to use.

Growth bar

Growth bar

Growth bar is an SEO tool that suits marketers and easiest to use SEO tool in the whole market. Growth bar is people’s favorite free chrome extension due to its simple interface. It gives accurate traffic estimates and helps to check the SEO conditions of your website and your competitors. If you search for a backlink counter, the Growth bar provides precise information about how many backlinks are on your website.



A knowledge-providing tool that helps SEO to perform well. A free chrome extension makes it easy to do SEO by link metrics and keyword research. While visiting a website, when you click on MozBar, it generates a report about website Domain Authority, page elements, view search results, and page Authority.

An excellent paid version of MozBar is also available. If you are starting now, a free chrome extension would be enough.


Xenu is a free and easy-to-use tool that can crawl your website for free. It is beneficial to get information about all the broken hyperlinks. It has a fantastic report system in which it collects data about all the links from a website. Xenu also generates a report after crawling website content for users. 

Keyword surfer 

Keyword surfer 

Keyword surfer is a fast, completely free chrome extension to search volumes for related keywords. Keywords Everywhere is an alternative to a Keyword surfer that was a free extension just like keyword surfer. Now, Keyword Everywhere is a paid tool to use. Therefore, a Keyword surfer is being used, an excellent option to use.

Link Explorer 

Link Explorer is an SEO tool that provides you with a proper chart to show the results of link-building and outreaches. Today link Explorer is the world’s best and most accurate backlink checker, boasting 35 trillion links. You can get ten queries and 50 rows of data per query every month and free account access. 


MozCast is an algorithm checker even if there is any update or not. It is the original google SERP tracker. MozCast is the best tool to know the SEO ranking reports, and you can get daily and monthly SEO notifications. When your ranking website drops down due to some google updates, this tool helps to know the problem.

Answer the public

Answer the public

Answer the public is the best tool to generate valuable keywords. This tool finds and collects questions from social media, forums, and blogs to answer the people. Use this tool to get a massive list of questions from any keyword set. Answer the public is the best suitable tool for finding frequently asked questions.



Aleyda Solis recommended SEOlyzer during her podcast. This tool determines the pages speed, redirects, and error code of a website.

It is a good tool because of its cool features like categorization and analysis. 

Moz pro 

Moz pro 

Moz Pro is a best-paid tool that shows limited and helpful data. Moz pro provides the exact data as compared to other devices. Moz pro is being used for link explorer to check the page ranking, links, and linking domains. Moz pro finds errors or mistakes in your website and increases user experience. This tool will allow you to assess your backlink profile and link down. 

It also helps you know the keywords and topics that give you organic traffic. 

Cost: After signing up for the Moz pro, you can get a free medium plan. You can set up ten campaigns after getting a medium plan.

Premium package for Moz pro starts from $79

Backlink checker 

Ahrefs offers a backlink checker that is a good option for the SEO of a website. A backlink checker is used to check 300 backlinks of your websites or the competitors. Backlink checker allows you to check and find the best links and the total number of backlinks on your site.

 If you are doing SEO on a low budget by this tool, you are limited to just 100 links and can’t add a prefix. 



Although Ahrefs shows the exact and unlimited data, it is the most expensive tool. After generating a report, it shows data in graphical form.

Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO analysis, adding backlinks, and showing top-rank keywords.

It is trendy between content writers and SEO-ers. This tool helps maintain your SEO health from time to time by analyzing your standard website issues. You are notified whenever you add new backlinks, lose backlinks, or rank any of your keywords. 

Cost: 99$ to $999 



Searchmetrics works as an SEO tool and a helper for your web content and strategy. Primarily, it performs for global companies.

Function: web visibility analysis, ROI reporting, site audits, competitive analysis, mobile and pc site optimization.

Cost: It starts from      € 89



KWFinder is a paid tool to find keywords. KWFinder is an excellent choice to find the best rank-able keywords by using filters and metrics. It provides competitors and hidden keywords to rank your site at the top. There is no free version of KWFinder available, but you can get the ten-day free trial. In this free version, 25 related and ten competitor keywords are available.

Screaming Frog SEO spider 

Screaming Frog SEO spider 

Screaming Frog SEO spider is a crawler used to improve onsite SEO. If you want to know whether your website page is SEO optimized or not? It would be best if you had a tool Like Screaming Frog SEO spider. In simple words, it is a web crawler that scans and identifies any error in your pages like redirect chains and loops, broken links, titles, and meta descriptions. 

Cost: A free version with limited functions is available, or you can buy a full-featured version for about $181\year per license.


SEO is a process to rank your website visibility in organic search results, essential to boost your business. We can do SEO without using tools by using ranked keywords, building links, and fixing technical issues. But as we know, advanced technical SEO tools can perform faster and accurately; therefore, we should invest in them. SEO tools help get rank-able keywords, organic traffic, and business growth.

Using multiple SEO tools for my digital marketing business, I highly recommend Semrush for blogging, e-commerce, and digital marketing. Semrush is one SEO tool to perform all tasks staying on a single page. If this is something you are looking for, start your free trial now!

Try SEMrush For Free

Good News! SEMrush is offering 7 days Free Trial For You Only. I think one week is enough to explore all Features of SEMrush & One more thing, “YOU CAN CANCEL  OUT FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION ANYTIME WITHIN THE  7 DAYS”.

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