How to use SEMrush for competitive Intelligence

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Doing market research, gathering competitive intelligence, and analyzing competitors are vital for most business owners. Many companies put a lot of effort into studying the market and their direct competition to figure out what they can do better for them and where they could score additional points.

Semrush is a powerful competitive intelligence tool that provides businesses with an in-depth and comprehensive overview of their competitor’s links, keywords, social media, and advertising. SEMrush allows you to analyze the competitor’s backlinks from Google and Bing.

This guide will teach you how to use the SEMrush competitor intelligence tool so that your company can grow without needing an expensive consultant or dedicated department for Competitive Intelligence. I would suggest you sign in for free to apply these guides step by step to get more experience in a short time. You can start a free trial now without any cost.

Before talking about the SEMrush competitor intelligence tool that may help you with your research tasks, let me remind you that most high-tech startup founders swear by competitive Intelligence (CI). Whether you’re running an online or offline business, you must analyze all aspects: products, prices, marketing strategies, etc., at least once a month.

What is SEMrush Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the process of studying and accumulating information about any marketplace to make informed strategic decisions. Competitive Intelligence gathers data from multiple sources, enabling business owners in a particular industry or market segment to stay ahead of competitors by gaining an early lead on them.

SEMrush Competitor Intelligence also gives businesses confidence when making marketing strategies that will allow them to survive and thrive during tough economic times because they know where the competition stands.

In short, Competitive Intelligence is the process of understanding what your competitors are doing and how they compare to you. So that when decisions need to be made for improving one’s brand position, those with knowledge can make better choices.

Importance of SEMrush Competitor Intelligence Tool

Competitive Intelligence is enormously important because it tells you what your competitors are up to, how they’re trying to beat you at their game. It’s critical for generating a strategic marketing plan that’s specific to the domain of the business. Here are some points that show the importance of the SEMrush Competitor intelligence tool.

● Understand the changes and developments in the industry.

● With the help of CI, you can keep an eye on your competitor’s growth and learn what they are doing next.

● You will learn the upcoming threats in your industry.

● It is one of the best sources for gathering information about your competitors, what they’re offering to clients, and how they’re marketing their services.

● Competitive Intelligence can help you in making smart business decisions.

● With CI, you can learn how you are performing in comparison to your competitor’s performance. You can also get an idea of which market segments you need to focus on. So that you can grow even more than where you stand at present.

● You will be able to know how industry-based bloggers perceive your brand free of cost through this tool. This way, it becomes easy to understand public reaction toward the service/product by satisfied and unsatisfied customers, making necessary modifications whenever required.

Operating a business in isolation leaves room for unanticipated threats and missed opportunities that could affect success or failure.

SEMrush Competitive Intelligence

Monitor changes in the industry to better position yourself – and make sure to predict your competitors’ next moves – which helps you stay competitive.

What Can You Do With SEMrush Competitor Intelligence Tool?

1. With SEMrush Competitor Intelligence Tool, View competitor metrics from Google and Bing – If your competitor gets a lot of organic traffic from Google, you may consider jumping on the bandwagon. Through the SEMrush Competitive Intelligence feature, you can see how many keywords they rank for and what positions they reached in Google for these keywords. 

2. You’ll also get to see their estimated search volume, cost per click (CPC), etc., and their estimated traffic from both Google and Bing. You can also check the backlinks they received for each keyword and which pages they’re indexed on.

3. Track your competitor’s PPC campaigns – SEMrush lets you keep an eye on your competitors’ paid search campaigns with its PPC feature, as well as those of your industry partners, partners’ customers, or key players in your niche segments. You can see all their ads along with how much time is left before they expire (CTR, position, cost per click (CPC), etc.).

4. Discover untapped keywords and sources of traffic – With the Organic Research tool in SEMrush, you can check what keywords or phrases lead to which landing pages, and from there, you can find new traffic sources for your site.

5. Find out if a domain is available – If it’s already taken, SEMrush will show you who owns the domain and what might happen if you try to buy it (e.g., whether they plan on renewing it).

6. Determine your competitor’s link-building strategies – The SEMrush Link Intersect tool helps you see which sites link to your competitors and which links they don’t have yet so that you can reach out to these sites and build links of your own. You can also find influencers in different industries through this tool, as well as their competitors’ partners, vendors, or affiliates.

The Competitive Intelligence feature in SEMrush is wonderful for competitor analysis. Suppose you want to benchmark your position against your competitors. In that case, it can be very helpful because it provides accurate analytics and data that will allow you to measure the key performance indicators of your business against those of other players in your industry.

Start Your Free Trial Now!” “Competitive intelligence” is an essential part of marketing and business management.

How to do Competitive Intelligence with SEMrush?

Competitive Intelligence is not complicated. It’s just hard work. Find the data, accumulate and analyze it. It may be time-consuming, but I promise you’ll get good results doing this type of research for your company or agency. Because most companies don’t have enough information about their rivals to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry. 

Competitive Intelligence can be a useful tool for uncovering information that will help you make better decisions.

You can get competitive intelligence information through:

Google Alerts – You can set up an alert on Google to search for your target keyword, and you’ll get alerts with the latest news about it.

Facebook Business Page Insights – you can run a report on pages of interest to understand how many people are linking to them from other sites. This will let you find out which competitors are getting the most buzz online so that you can see what’s working best for them. So that you have something to build upon as well.

Twitter Analytics – Twitter Analytics enables users to track topics, hashtags, brands, or handle mentions over time. This will help you uncover new trends and connect with customers by talking about your competitors, industry, or topics related to what you’re doing.

Google Search Console – With this tool, you can see the search queries that send traffic to your site that send users away from it. You’ll be able to find keywords that are sending high volumes of traffic to your company’s competitors so that you can focus on variations, LSI keywords, etc.

Google Analytics – The Audience Overview report in Google Analytics provides information on where visitors are located geographically, their countries, their languages, browsers they use (mobile vs. desktop), and referrers.

Semrush competitive intelligence tool – Through the Site Audit tool in this suite of SEO tools, you can see which pages on a website have high bounce rates while also identifying what keywords competitors are ranking for that you’re not currently going after. 

You’ll get to discover new paths that might be more profitable for your company or agency so that you can match or even exceed their organic performance. Semrush competitive intelligence tools can help you gather information quickly and easily, such as who is winning in your industry or which companies are getting more traffic than others.

The process of conducting thorough research used to take hours with human resources employees scrolling through card catalogs of books unorganized by category; now, all this data is at our fingertips thanks to SEMrush.

Try a FREE trial to get better results:

How to use SEMrush for Competitive Intelligence?

For most business owners, the idea of competitive intelligence information sounds overwhelming. We’re going to walk you through it and make sure that what takes place in this session stays on track with your needs so that when we are done here today, you will have more confidence about making decisions for growth and be armed with everything necessary.

Discover the Marketplace

You need to know the size and scope of your marketplace and what’s happening with industry trends. This will send you to make positive decisions when it comes time to scale or expand into new markets. These factors are important in determining how successful a business could potentially be.

While you discover the market place make sure you consider these points!

● Market Volume

● Market Growth

● Competitor Country Distribution

● Product Analysis in the Market

● Demographics of your customers

● Market Volume


Before we get started with the main body of this article, please remember that we have a FREE TRIAL available to all new members. This option comes highly recommended and anyone should take advantage while you can!

Market Volume

The Market Overview tab allows you to see what is going on in the market. It also shows how your competitors are performing and their market size, which will help guide any future SEO strategies we might implement for these sites.

Here I’m going with bitcoin market volume and you can see how large its size is:

How to use SEMrush for competitive Intelligence

Market Dynamics

The Domain vs. Market Dynamics graph is an insightful way of showing what areas your competitors are investing in. The different colors represent each competitor’s domain. 

How to use SEMrush for competitive Intelligence

The size between them shows how much market share they have at any given moment. It can be used for plans or growth potentials if you’re looking into launching new products yourself.

SEMrush Market Geo Distribution

In the country Distribution graph, we can see that Bitcoin has a prominent audience in America. United Kingdom, Germany, and Netherland are growing markets with the potential to expand into other countries because their economies could use innovations like cryptocurrencies.

SEMrush Market Geo Distribution

The SEMrush Geo Graph shows the market distribution according to the country. 

Competitor Targeted Audience

The knowledge of our competitors is vital in knowing how to position ourselves against them. By building a profile on their audience’s looks, we can compare this with ours and see if any opportunities may have gone unnoticed before. Because they were too similar or unique from each other’s perspectives. 

Competitor Targeted Audience

It’s important not just for competition but also as part of understanding one another better.

Audience Interests

The Semrush Trends Market Explorer Tool is a great way to find the In-Market Audience Interests graph, which content creators and marketers can use as an insight into their potential audiences. This tool provides information about who has been interested in various cryptocurrencies over time; it also tells us where they might spend some money if we created our services or products there.

SEMrush Traffic Journey Measurement

SEMrush Traffic Journey graph provides invaluable data for getting upstream and downstream information.

SEMrush Traffic Journey Measurement

Upstream: After users have visited your site, they will go upstream and find where it sends them. If you’re not sending users in the right direction or answering their query fully, then this could be an issue with upstreaming.

They are either bouncing back to Google for more information, or the page does not answer their intent question about what you have on offer? Heading over Facebook might lead them to seek social proof, so we must invest in our community strategies with content marketing campaigns.

Downstream: The Downstream section shows competitors’ previous searches and website visits, making it easier than ever before. You have more insight into how potential clients got here and maybe even why. 

With knowledge like this at hand, make sure not to miss out on any chance possible because these insights may seem small now, but one day down the line will turn into big bucks if we’re lucky enough.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool

Customers have to say it can be valuable information as they will tell you exactly where the competition is not fulfilling their needs. To get direct access, your Brand Monitoring Tool could help monitor mentions by competitors online and gather feedback from them directly on any concerns that arise while using this service.

Mrush Brand Monitoring Tool

To understand what people mention. You can filter the negative or positive mentions to find what people are complaining about. 

Mrush Brand Monitoring Tool

Tracking the mentions of your competitor it’s easy to understand the people’s demands. 

Product Analysis in the Market

The Product Analysis graph can be an essential tool for marketers. It gives full insight into how the product has been advertised over time on social media and different websites, making it easier to compare against other products in the market. 

This is why this information should be closely monitored by all entrepreneurs who want to stay on top of their competitors – if they see a sudden spike in mentions or views, they should take action accordingly to capitalize on this opportunity.

Marketing Analysis Tools

The SEMrush Marketing Analysis tools are a great way to get a full snapshot of how different companies rank from within one tool. It shows high-level numbers for important data such as social media and backlink profiles. 

Marketing Analysis Tools

The difficulty comes in when we want to go deeper and find out which social media platforms our competitors are concentrating on most; this is where SEMrush can come in handy because we can get the full picture of how they rank for different keywords among all other important data.

Taking Action Based on Data

What’s great about this Marketing Analysis is that it has become really easy to take action based on the data. We no longer have to follow different people and track their profiles to figure out where they rank for certain keywords; all this information is right at our fingertips. The hard part might be finding what you were looking for among many other blogs or websites, so use your data to narrow down the search and take action quickly.

Market Explorer Tool

Market Explorer tool is a great way to discover who your competitors are. With the Audience Insights tab, you can see that there are always new and old ones on this edge of our field with us in mind, so we need constant monitoring for them.

This tool is a resource for understanding your competitors and determining who you should be targeting. You can find leaders, game-changers, or niche players by using its Market Explorer Growth Quadrant, which visualizes how strong they are in the market, with blue indicating dominance. In contrast, orange indicates fair/weakness respectively.

Understand the Social Media Strategy

Another great use of the Market Explorer tool is to help us understand our competitors’ social media strategy. It can give you a blueprint for approaching their marketing and what content resonates with their audience. 

The Audience Insights tab shows different demographics that your competition attracts, which helps you understand who they are attracting, where they are active, and understand their demographics better.

Understand the Social Media Strategy

Knowing what type of content to produce is key, but it’s even more important to know where to put this content in front of the right people because SEMrush can help you find your competitors’ followers and see how active they are on social media. Find them based on their location, interest, or keywords, and use this information to help you take action.

SEMrush is a tool that can help you find out what content gets the best engagement rate for your competitor’s website.

The Competitor Backlink Analysis works well when we’re having a hard time knowing where our competitors are getting their backlinks from. This is an important part of the strategy because these links point directly to their site, making it easier to find what they want.

SEMrush Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool

It’s simply a matter of reverse engineering this process and looking at the sites linking to them frequently. We can take this information and create the same type of content; this method is very effective because people will find what they’re looking for.

Customer List Building

SEMrush helps us build up a list of our competitors’ customers. This is very helpful because we can use the contact information requested on these sites to improve how we reach out to them. It shows what they like, which articles get the most comments, and which site is the most popular.

Competitor Sitemap & Keyword Rankings

SEMrush is great for competitive intelligence because it shows where our competitors are ranking for popular keywords; using this tool allows us to see if they’re getting results how we can improve our position which websites link to them and what types of links they use.

Competitor Sitemap & Keyword Rankings

The Keyword Gap Tool helps you identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for and find out what those words are. You can then use this information to improve site optimization, SEO copywriting skills or target a new audience with more specific offerings.

Advertising Campaign and Promotion

The Advertising Backlink Report shows the advertising backlinks your competitors have, so you can know what sites are linking to them and who they’re targeting. This data is very helpful as it allows us to see if the products or services being offered are converting well from traffic generated from those ads or not. 

It’s a great way of determining which online activities pay off quickly, as well as how much budget our competitors spend on paid search programs.

Using the SEO Keyword Planner tool with SEMrush is a powerful combination that makes finding keywords easier than ever for paid campaigns with low CPC. Once you have found an effective keyword, click on” “find similar,” and you will be directed to another portion.

Running a Google Adwords campaign for your brand takes patience and determination before finding the sweet spot in the most profitable keywords. SEMrush makes this easier by allowing users to approach their campaigns from the start as they’ve already pre-setup criteria with its cost-effective model.

Advertising Campaign and Promotion

This allows experimentation without losing money during initial bidding experiments, which can be time-consuming when trying different options.

Benchmark Yourself In the Market

Benchmarking can help you identify areas that need improvement to compete and grow. The high-level data provided by Semrush will highlight any drop-offs from the market conditions and competitors who are performing better than expected, which could be an opportunity for your business.

Last Verdicts

SEMrush helps us find our competitor’s” most successful” content, where they’re ranking for popular keywords, and what audience is seeing their content; this report contains all of this information in one place and provides the data we need to tweak our marketing strategy and get ahead of our competition. 

Seeing how your competitor uses SEMRush will make you more knowledgeable about how it works and improve your approach when using it for yourself. Start your SEMrush pro version to get more out of it. Still, you can try the SEMrush free trial version

Semrush is a great tool for staying on top of the competitive intelligence game. It’s easy to use and provides you with all sorts of valuable information that can help your business stay ahead in this cutthroat industry.


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