SEMrush Vs Similarweb #1 The Ultimate Guide – What Is Better?

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The decision to use a SEMrush or Similarweb can be difficult. I have used both and found them to be a little different in their search results. When it comes to deciding which is better, there are a few factors that you need to consider before making your final decision.

This blog post will compare these two tools based on their pricing plans, features offered, customer reviews and testimonials, as well as pros and cons for both products.

Short Summary: SEMrush vs Similarweb

In short, Semrush and Similarweb are great at what they do, but more specifically SEMrush would be a better choice because it has a lot going for it. For instance, unlike the other brand, this company has a larger database that gives you a lot of information that is very reliable overall. Also, it’s a whole lot cheaper than the competition while still delivering accurate insights which give businesses more control over their situations. In terms of reliability and stability, there might not be another tool out there quite like SEMrush!

Primary Difference Between Semrush and Similarweb

SEMrush is the go-to resource for anyone who needs a comprehensive suite of traffic analytics tools. SEMRush’s features include everything from SEO and social media to PPC, with more than 100 million searches per month on its database.

In contrast, SimilarWeb offers only website stats; however, you can choose between various metrics within each category to see how your site compares against others similar in size or niche.

In short, SEMrush is a comprehensive suite of tools for all your online visibility needs, while SimilarWeb only provides statistics on websites.

Pros and Cons of Semrush and Similarweb

Semrush Pros

  • All in one platform where you can perform all SEO related tasks
  • With Semrush, you can take a competitor analysis
  • Use keyword magic tool for in-depth keyword research
  • Take a complete website audit with suggestions
  • Semrush gives you an opportunity of a free trial on all its plans
  • Deep analysis of content marketing and social media management
  • Provide all data in graphs and numbers
  • Offers SEO content templates

Semrush Cons

  • Semrush has big pricing plans.
  • A new user may take some time to understand the interface; however, the interface is user-friendly.

Similarweb Pros

  • Provides complete website analytics report.
  • Using Similarweb, you can track your competitors’ analytics.
  • Similarweb is an analytics company providing web and mobile data.
  • The data Similarweb analyzes include visits, conversion rates for each page on websites.
  • The chrome extension provides snapshots of the website stats.

Similarweb Cons

  • The price is very high.
  • The free version of Similarweb has limited features.
  • Google analytics shows more robust data compared to Similarweb.
  • Does Not show the data for new websites.

Complete Analysis of Features: Similarweb vs Semrush

Keyword Analysis Tool


Semrush has multiple keyword research tools that provide complete insight into the keywords. Even if you have no idea about keywords, you can get the content ideas by providing your primary keyword using the keyword magic tool.

If you found some keywords and want to know about that keyword data, then the keyword overview tool will help you get the keyword metrics.

SEMrush Vs Similarweb

The keyword overview tool will show you all the data for your given keyword. Semrush keyword overview tool displays the total search volume for each country, global search volume, keyword trend, and if you want to start paid advertisement, it also shows the CPC for that particular keyword.

If you are stuck in finding keyword ideas, the Semrush keyword overview tool shows you multiple results including, keyword variations, questions, and related keywords. This is an easy and best way to find the keyword ideas to write content.

SEMrush Keyword Analysis Tool

The Semrush tool helps the user find out the best possible keywords used for all SEO work. Semrush keyword overview tool shows a list of top ten websites ranking against your targeted keywords. This can be helpful for competitor analysis so you can make strategies according to the situation.

SEMrush Keyword Analysis Tool

The SEMrush Keyword Analytics Tool is beneficial for making the best out of their online marketing campaigns. The tool of the SEMrush is quite popular, and many companies use this to know how they can improve their performance in any marketing campaign. It helps them gain more traffic and a better ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Similarweb Keywords Analysis

The Keyword Analysis function of SimilarWeb helps users identify essential keywords for optimizing their SEO, PCC, and content strategy. It also closely monitors the progress of the different sets of keywords that website traffic shares over time. Keyword analytic tools provide helpful information when determining sites that may be losing/gaining traffic depending on what search queries are being used.

Similarweb Keywords Analysis

This keyword data shows that Similarweb is not only for website traffic states, but it also offers many keywords to attract the highest traffic volume.

Whether you’re a blogger or a digital marketer, these keywords stats can help you to outrank your competitors, or you can get content ideas.

Once you sign up on Similarweb, you can access the keyword analysis tool through the dashboard. By entering your main keyword in the search bar, you can use multiple filters to narrow down your search. Simply click on search, the keyword analytic tool will show you the default mode with organic traffic breakdown keywords, but you can use filters to see paid and organic keywords of your competitors.

Using a keyword metrics filter, you can analyze what keywords are most in-demand/searched. Hence, you can explore the trends of various keywords using traffic share graphs.

Similarweb Keywords Analysis

If you are looking for keyword ideas, this is the tool you should check out. SimilarWeb gives you access to over 3 million keywords of top websites. You can use this data to see what customers search online before buying a product or service. Or, if you want more traffic on your website, pick one of these popular keywords related to your niche and use it as a part of your SEO strategy.

With SimilarWeb, you can see how your landing pages rank for specific keywords and which ones are most effective at driving traffic. The service provides helpful insight into campaign strategy, too – it’s always good to be aware of what is working best to make changes when necessary.

Summary of Similarweb vs. Semrush Keyword Analytic Tools

Both are excellent SEO research tools. Semrush provides more in-depth information, while Similarweb is easier to use. You need to understand what you need from your research and then go with that tool accordingly.

Semrush’s keyword analyzer may be superior in its efficiency in uncovering niche keywords that are also well-known search terms for the general population but not commonly used by people researching online marketing strategies. The ability to find these kinds of words can lead you to good blog topics when writing content for your website.

Data Collection Tool

Similarweb Data Collection

Are you interested in comprehensive web information? With SimilarWeb, you can rely on its data collection material, scanned search engine, and website pages quite extensively.

Similarweb Data Collection

Similar web data collection tools will show the people who visit your website.

Using Similarweb, it’s easier for you to find out where the problem is happening on your site or social media account. You can check which post has more engagement than others and which part of your website viewers spend most of their time on just by looking at the data collected by such a tool.

Similarweb tool shows you the top organic keywords of your website. It will also give you information about visitors’ activities afterward, such as bookmarking pages or leaving comments.

You can track website metrics as you surf around the web with SimilarWeb’s Chrome extension. However, it also costs something from your side- their browser data reinforces them in building an accurate database of websites and statistics about those domains.

Semrush Data Collection Tool Review

SEMrush is well known for its keyword database and clickstream data. The company’s ability to use these two resources, in tandem with each other as tools of analysis rather than relying on just one or the other alone, has made SEMrush one of the best SEO tools in the market.

The Semrush data collection tool collects data from the internet and stores it in your Semrush database, which can be used to build backlinks and find keywords for SEO purposes.

SEMrush’s basic search features allow you to find and analyze information on any website, blog, or domain name in about 2 minutes. The data captured by the basic keywords search includes:

  • Clicks count.
  • Impressions count.
  • The rank position of the URL (organic rank, page ranking).
  • Meta title/description/keywords of the webpage (current & historical).
  • Social shares (Facebook Likes & Twitter Tweets) with links to these mentions.
Semrush Data Collection Tool Review

Semrush’s artificial intelligence system is very strong and gets its data directly from Google. Moreover, Semrush collects its data by crawling the World Wide Web and storing domain-level data on companies’ websites.

The basic Semrush data collection process is;

  • crawls the web.
  • categorizes domains according to their respective industry.
  • checks published content on behalf of these domains for keywords/phrases associated with online marketing’s best practices.
  • assigns various rankings to each website according to their Domain Strength Sequence.

Summary: Similarweb and Semrush Data Collection

Similarweb is a fantastic tool for overall rankings and social performance data, while Semrush gives you valuable insights into organic search results and paid listings.

Semrush is my personal preference when tackling SEO-related projects. Because it provides the meat-and-potatoes of what clients are paying for – insight into search engine optimization practices that affect ranking positions.

Semrush pays attention to the top five keywords driving traffic and how obscure keywords contribute positively or negatively towards your site’s success.

Competitive Analysis Tool

Semrush Competitive Analysis Tool Review

A Competitive Analysis Tool is a tool used by SEMrush to view the keywords, domains, AdSense earnings, backlinks of competitors.

The Competitive Analysis Tool was designed to determine the competitiveness of websites for SEO purposes. It provides an overview of how competition on search engine result pages will affect your site’s rankings, given all other factors being equal.

This knowledge can help you adjust your strategy accordingly, resulting in success despite this factor being present on SERPs. The more competitive a keyword or domain is on SEMrush’s Database, the more difficult it will be for your site to rank higher than these results in search engines – even if everything else about your site were equal.

Semrush Competitive Analysis Tool Review
Semrush Competitive Analysis Tool Review

This powerful tool allows companies and agencies alike to gain critical insights into their competitors’ search strategies. Also allow them to view their organic visibility across both desktops, mobile, app, video, news, image search sources in addition to identifying new keywords by utilizing Keyword Expansion Mode.

Similarweb Competitive Analysis Tool Review

Similarweb is a data-driven market research tool that provides a breakdown of a website’s traffic sources and site visitors’ demographics. This includes visitor interest, keyword rankings, reviews, engagement metrics, and social following.

With this tool, it is possible to quickly scan whole industries or even local competitors to see exactly what they’re doing right – and wrong – with their marketing.

Similarweb Competitive Analysis Tool Review

Similarweb provides an easy way to view the competition by country. You can compare metrics about URLs, social media followers, web analytics performance, review scores, and more.

Through its analytics tools, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your overall business health and monitor developing opportunities. What makes SimilarWeb different is that it extends this assessment not only towards competitors but also other similar sites, which enables the user to benchmark their performance and learn about proven techniques to find new growth potentials.

Summary: Similarweb and Semrush Competitive Analysis Tool

Semrush Competitive Analysis Tool is better because you get all the features for less.

Similarweb does not offer many additional features beyond what you get with Semrush. As a result, the only elements unique to Similarweb are its backlink audit tool and its rank tracking solution capabilities.

Both Tools need to be used in addition to access to competitive analysis data. That is only exclusively available through Semrush’s service, which becomes extremely expensive; when utilized every month. Considering how much it could cost per month over time if annual subscriptions are cheaper.

Social Media Analysis Tool

Semrush Social Media Tool Review

SEMrush is known for its influential social media analysis. One of the best features it has to offer is Social Media Trackers, you can track your competition and see what they’re doing on their channels. SMA tool gives you a better idea about how often posts should go out to achieve desired results in online marketing.

Semrush Social Media Tool Review

SEMrush social media toolkit is a valuable tool for any business owner or marketer. This tool provides information about the social media traffic generated from various sites and concerns itself with your competitors’ posts.

SEMrush social media toolkit gives you a competitive advantage by telling you what they do on social channels. How often they post, and which engagement strategies work best against another brand’s content strategy-all through a straightforward dashboard.

Similarweb Social Media Tool Review

SimilarWeb is an excellent tool for measuring the amount of social media traffic on a particular site. Through their Website Analysis tab, you can track various aspects of how many people are visiting your website from specific sources, and at what times throughout each year or month during particular days.

Similarweb Social Media Tool Review

One of the best features of this tool is that it understands which platform the result has come from. So, for example, if somebody shares a link on Facebook, there might not be any corresponding Twitter post because no one has tweeted about the article. However, with Similarweb, you can still see what sort of traffic there’s been on Twitter, even if nothing is shown.

It also analyses each platform for what keywords are most frequently shared by users (and which ones aren’t) and then automatically scans new pages to show these exact keywords.

Summary: Semrush vs. Similarweb Social Media Tool

Semrush tends to have an extensive index of social media platforms but is better for looking at areas where a lot of noise has been generated. It shines in helping with understanding brands and how they work – brand mentions, popularity ranking scores from the annual Google sentiment analysis index, best relevancy queries, etc.

On the other hand, Similarweb social media analysis tool also provides us with good information. One thing where the Similarweb tool lacks, it doesn’t offer in-depth data. At the same time, Semrush gives us a complete social media toolkit that provides a comprehensive insight into social media traffic for our website and our competitor site.

Semrush vs. Similarweb Pricing Plans Overview

Similarweb Pricing Plan Review

Similarweb Pricing Plan Review

The Similarweb pricing plans start at $249 per month, but that does not include unlimited reports or export quotes to Excel. For that, you’ll need to upgrade your account for a piece of extra information based on other needs.

Other than that, you should also know that SimilarWeb only offers a 7-day free trial period to new clients, and there are no capped number of projects and site monitoring tools available here either.

With this hefty price, the Similar Web tool provides only limited data to its users. However, using the Similarweb tool chrome extension, you can find the traffic stats of your site.

Semrush Pricing Plan Review

Semrush Pricing Plan Review

Semrush pricing is a tiered system that scales based on the size of your business and the number of keywords you want to track. There’s a 7-days free trial where all features are available for new customers, but pricing begins at $99 per month.

Pros of using Semrush include;

  • An established website with millions of visits per month by individuals or corporations.
  • Regular monthly updates with new data from new domains and backlinks domain profiles, etc.
  • No need for time-consuming crawling and gathering data manually every day.
  • Unparalleled research opportunities into competitive niches in the SEO arena and various reports will help users make informed decisions in their marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Similarweb accurate?

SimilarWeb is accurate for getting an approximate value but not fair in terms of comparing different sites.

There are some cases where a similar web tool will not produce reliable data for a specific site. For example, if a company only uses customized software to track specific site metrics, the info may not be available in this search engine tool.

However, that does not mean that the data is inaccurate; it simply means that this standard web analytics tool’s specialized software wasn’t captured.

How does Similarweb get its data?

Similarweb gets its data from various sources. Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Alexa web traffic ratings, and Quantcast, are all used to provide estimates of site visits for SimilarWeb.

The primary source is the widespread use of digital installs with which you have interacted at some point on your desktop or mobile device. For example, if you have downloaded a browser extension or app that offers the usage of their service to people who visit sites within their installation audience reach. So, an analogy would be how many clicks were made by visitors to your site after they installed an adware product onto their machines.

How accurate is Semrush?

Semrush is one of the best and most accurate SEO analysis tools available. It’s also very affordable, with the primary license running about $99USD per month.

Above all else, it has to be precise in what it does and highly effective when analyzing everything from keywords in search results to several backlinks on specific websites. Semrush checks in at 88% accuracy when finding old versions of websites like eBay and Amazon.

How to use Similarweb chrome extension?

SimilarWeb has many features you can adjust for different functions. To use it on Chrome, install the extension by following these steps:

  • First of all, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Similarweb-Chrome extension
  • In case that there is a direct link available, click on the install button right away
  • If not, look around the page and scroll down until you see “ADD TO CHROME.”
  • Once installed, it will show up in your browser with its icon of an orange shield with a black arrow going from left to right. Now, this is what you need to do to use the Similarweb chrome extension.


There’s no reason not to try both and see how they work for you.

It comes down to preference in what metrics you want to be tracked when you would like the information gathered, and what information you need. I prefer Semrush due to its hourly updates on keyword data, while Similarweb only updates every 24 hours.

I also find Semrush easier to navigate than Similarweb. My favorite feature of it is the fact that it answers all your questions so quickly.

Moreover, SEMrush has features that I don’t see in Similarweb, such as keyword or domain-related alerts, backlink research, and mobile app marketing tools. The only services similar to what isn’t offered by SEMrush are web stats and competitor monitoring services.

Try SEMrush For Free

Good News! SEMrush is offering 7 days Free Trial For You Only. I think one week is enough to explore all Features of SEMrush & One more thing, “YOU CAN CANCEL  OUT FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION ANYTIME WITHIN THE  7 DAYS”.

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